Weekend Wrap Up


First Of All, Thank You!

What a weekend! Without a doubt, the first Okanagan Startup Weekend was a huge success!

Many, many thanks to the attendees, sponsors, mentors, organizers, judges and community for helping make Okanagan Startup Weekend such a phemonal success!

Break Down Of The Event

Metrics: 70 attendees, 16 sponsors, 11 mentors and judges, 24 ideas pitched, 10 teams formed, over 1000 lines of code in 21 different languages, 0 Nerf gun fatalities, and countless cups of coffee.


  • Congrats to SquadShout for winning box seats to a Kelowna Rockets game, and enrollment in Accelerate Okanagan’s metorship program.
  • Congrats to Beauty Booker for winning enrollment in Accelerate Okanagan’s mentorship program.
  • Congrats to UChangeIt for winning a Startup Entourage’ pass to Metabridge’s retreat.
  • Congrats to Momento Locket for winning the “Best Pivot” award.
  • Congrats to SeshWars for winning honorable mention.

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Reflections & Suggestions

This was the first Startup Weekend in the Okanagan. And what an amazing weekend it was!  There has never been an event quite like this before in Kelowna and the quality of the ideas, the pedigree of the people, the professionalism of the Sunday pitches and the energy in the room all surpassed last our wildest expectations. The organizing team came through in big ways, the mentors were all inspiring and the food was delicious. We can’t thank our organizing team members, attendees, speakers, sponsors and other VIPs enough!

Yet there’s always a few things we can improve – and that’s where we need your help! Please send me your suggestions, big or small, on ways we can make the next Okanagan Startup Weekend experience better for YOU.

What’s Next for Okanagan Startup Weekend?

Still riding the Okanagan Stratup Weekend high?  We’re inviting all the attendess, mentors and judges to a re-group on Wednesday, March 14th from 6 to 8pm at The Streaming Cafe, 596 Leon Ave, Kelowna.  We hope to see you all there, and are looking forward to hearing feedback about your Startup Weekend experience.

Our Thank Yous

Organizers: Shane Austin, Daryl Chymko, Cynthia Gunsinger, Mica Knibbs, Brent Lachman, Kazia Mullin, Richard Taylor and Fiona Campbell.

Sponsors: Accelerate Okanagan, BCIC, entrepreneurship@UBC, New Monaco Enterprise Corp, The Universtity of British Columbia, rtStrategy, Metabridge, Big Surf Beer, Canhost, GitHub, Zoho.com, Springloops, Dropbox, Nerds On Site, Contractually, Kashoo, Dunnenzies Pizza Co., and Kauffman Foundation.

Facilitator: Joey Aquino

Mentors & Judges: Derek Gratz, Ed Alfke, Anuj Singhal, Jeff Keen, Raghwa Gopal, John Drope, Peter Ranson, Chris Curtola, David Mayes, Steve Wandler, John Matechuk

What Else You Should Checkout In The Okanagan

That’s it! If you had such a good time that you want to to see more events like Okanagan Startup Weekend, visit the Digital Okanagan Association website and contact us. See you at the next event!